Erasmus+ changing lives, opening minds!

Students about KUT

Why Erasmus+ at KUT?

Do you want to have the time of your life? Find new life-lasting friends?
You have come to the right place. The experiences you will have on your Erasmus you will cherish forever. The friends, the adventures, the cultures – the memories.
The time is NOW! So let’s get you on your way.

As an exchange student in a foregin country, you will develop many skills, such as teamwork, meeting deadlines, and learning to integrate successfully into a new environment…
Everyone has to begin somewhere and the Erasmus program is a great opportunity! These days, one of the most important requirements for employers is international experience. More than 30% of employers consider it a basic requirement. There is a study showing that 85% of students completing an Erasmus program improve their employment possibilities.
Don’t waste your chance and join the Erasmus+ exchange!

You have some basics of English, but you never had a chance to use it in practice? You start talking and fear mixing the tenses? Taking up mobility is the time when you are forced to leave your comfort zone for sure, but on the other hand, being in another country, is a perfect time to become independent! The researchers proved that 88% of the Erasmus+ students improved their language skills and also students who have been abroad speak English much better and significantly faster.